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March 02, 2024
Action Center
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Action Center
Join our group on Facebook.
Committee Information

Education committee

The purpose of this committee is to educate our membership on what a Local Union is and what does it mean to be a member. We encourage our membership to get more involved eith the Union, and participate in Local meetings and committees.

The Education Committee has its goal of educating members on how the Local Union organize workers, encourage an apprenticeship system and higher standars of skills, and promote the stablishment of fringe benefit plans for members though the collective bargaining process.

Political Committee

The Political Committee, formed by members of our Local Union, is a group that supports union's active engagement in the political process. The Political Committee focuses on informing and involving members so they can be politically empowered, be smarter voters and make a difference. Through our political action committee, our members express their voice in politics and policy issues that affect our Local community. We welcome all our members to participate, have a voice, and make a difference.

What we expect to achieve as a committee;

     * Invite politicians and political advisors to participate in our Foreman's meetings, to educate our members on how political and legislative decisions affect the interests of our members and other working people.

     * Bring awareness to the public through education activism and serving

     * Connect with CCR/Coloradans for community rights

     * Find ways to grow our 70% market share goal

Training committee
The Training Committee advises members in the direction and guidance on the Education and training goals. The committee meets on a monthly basis, with the purpose of planning training activities, develop learning objectives, and determine delivery and assessment methods.  
Mission statement for the Training Committee;
     *Promote and support cutting edge training to all members
     *Provide job- specific and contractor requested training in an organized, timely, and effective manner.
     *Inform and demonstrate that training is being taken seriously in our union.
Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee is a group of members of our Local Union formed for the sole purpose of gathering people together for a humanity purpose. The Volunteer Committee has been active since 2016 and welcome all Local members to participate in community and humanity projects. The committee meets the first Wednesday of every month at 5:00pm at the Union Hall.

The Volunteer Committee has the following goals to achieve;

        * Perform community outreach

        * Help with feeding the homeless

        * Assist communities in their in common needs

        * Promote skills to the next generation and with conjunction recruit new members.  

Worker Committee

The Worker Committee is conformed by Foreman and members assisting Council staff in the recruitment of unrepresented Carpenters.

The main purpose of the Committee is to achieve our 70% market share.

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Sister's meeting
Mar 06, 2024
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Member retention
Mar 06, 2024
4290 Holly St Denver 80216. Enter through the back of the building.
Member retention
Mar 06, 2024
4290 Holly St Denver 80216
Local 555 E board meeting
Mar 13, 2024
Union meeting
Mar 13, 2024
4290 Holly St Denver 80216
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